Saturday, 31 December 2011

When Someone's Friend Becomes an 'IT GIRL' are the rest of us, 'IT AND A BIT"?

Louise Struber, one of the most genetically beautifully gifted women I know.  Louise had to settle for 4th Place on the Far North Queensland list with Karl Stefanovic coming in first in something but I am not too sure what it was.  Stunner Louise is currently in France heading to Spain with her boyfriend and now has 'IT GIRL' status.  I am not sure what happens when one becomes 'IT'.  This transformation, of all of a sudden going from woman to 'IT'.  I know they have them in America, but it was really the first instance of it I had heard of in Australia.  We are so happy for Louise that she is now 'IT', but now does she go along and tag people??  Do we become a bit around her, to become 'It and a bit'.  Louise Struber we adore you and you did not have to become 'It' for everyone to love you.  Congratulations Miss Struber you do FNQ not to mention Australia Proud. 
Being missed in Australia, Louise Struber

More 'IT' Girls, not too sure who they are, but definitely gorgeous.  We love our Australian version of the 'IT' Girl.

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