Thursday, 22 December 2011

Brett Morley Millinery, Distinguished, opulent and classic.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Brett began his career as a hairdresser over 20 years ago. The transition into millinery 7 years ago was a natural progression.

Brett's designs evoke memories of the Golden years of Haute Couture and elite fashion, where craftsmenship and attention to detail were paramount to the construction of an artists work.              

With his fervent passion for vintage glamour and countless hours of research and fabric sourcing, along with his favoured methods of traditional headware construction, Brett will ensure your original peice will be a stand out in any crowd.

With many thanks to the amazing Louise Struber, Sylvia Petricevic-Sofotasios, Kristina Kingston and Delphine Sinclair.

Brett Morley Millinery is now regularly seen on many stars in Australia, especially the stars of Channel 9.
Brett Morley Millinery is distinctive elegant and shows brilliant craftsmanship with Philip Treacy admiring his work.

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