Sunday, 18 December 2011

Are the 80s really back???

I forget when I became mature or really just call a spade a shovel of when I became old.  I remember when I first heard Madonna's first song Borderline, I remember George Michael singing GO GO and had the T shirt to make and what happened to Andrew Ridgely???, and Boy George was the coolest of cool.  But 80s I remember; please come back.
This is before the shooting of Versace and Princess Diana was on every cover of magazines, and then we had the real Supermodels.  Claudia, Naomi, Cindy, Christy, Helena, and of course the model who started it all Linda!  They all only have one name and they were famous for being the hottest, hottest on legs.
When we went to the night clubs we all wanted to drip in Chanel and Versace and wear those heels on the catwalk all night.  What happened?  I am in bed early wrapping like Xmas Elves, then making bottles at 4am, really is it any wonder Janice Dickinson had all the fat pulled out of her when she had those fabulous clothes.  Oh, what I remember from the 80s.  Maybe it was a phone call last night with one of my besties after leaving school before they had schoolies.  We had hair done like models, tonnes of make up and attitudes of Paris Hilton, we were down right little brats, but we all have to go through bad fashion, big hair and way too much make up.  If only I knew god did my makeup then and now I try to wear less to look younger.  A little blast from the past if you are old enough to remember!

When I was younger, we ate well, drank well and lived like we were rock stars, that was the dream.  Now reality knocks and sometimes when I am on the phone to my girlfriends from my teens and 20s we look back at those days and know why we still love our curves in our swimsuits.

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