Monday, 28 May 2012

Angry Bike Shop Man!

Somebody woke up on the bad side of the bed this morning. This morning my nanny was walking home with my kids and the pram had a puncture. So, lets get it fixed.
While at the bike shop, I asked if it could be repaired and they Bike Shop Man, took the wheel of and began to tell us that we should no have wheeled it when it was punctured.
Mind you, Two toddlers, mums out there, I know you here me.
He came over sanding the side of the wheel, starting to give me a lecture about the wheel and how important a rim is!
Fully understanding that it is not good to have a punctured tire and still use it, I told him that our nanny did not do it on purpose.
He turned in frustration.
I must admit, when leaving the shop I found it so amusing that someone was so uptight about repairing a tire I was in hysterical laughter, my nanny was laughing too.
Meanwhile getting ice-cream for the kids and Angry Bike Shop Man being named, 'Mr Grumpy', we head back in and spoke to his apprentice that gave us an explanation about the tire, AGAIN!
I assured him, I have learnt my tire lesson and it will not happen again.
Mr Grumpy quite humbly turned to myself, nanny and children and said “I don't want to give you a complex about the Pram.” Too Funny, (like anyone who gets a complex about a pram has serious issues), He then apologised and said, “I don't want to be known as 'Angry bike shop Man'”,
I said it was OK, we did not think of him as 'Angry Bike Shop Man', but when we left, Mr Grumpy was Mr Apologise.
The moral to the story,
If your life is going to give you stress changing pram tires, decide on another career.
It is not worth worrying your life away about pram tires when the owner is not that upset in the first place.

Poor Angry Bike Shop Man

It is just not worth getting this upset over a tyre!

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