Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Careful What You Put On FACEBOOK, THE BOOK BITES! xxxxx GRRRR

Just before Christmas I had a wonderful offer to head up fashion in Australia, I was excited by the opportunity and somewhat sceptical. Yes, I have experience in the field of production and to set up a great team in Australia to be showcased around the world. When talking about who would be the compare I was told, I was way too big and mature, but we want someone like you. As I have a young family and very strong values, although tempted by nice $$$$ figures, I said “no!”.
I felt if I was not good enough to represent Australian fashion, a mature lady, or someone not size 0, I am selling myself out for what I believe in. I had even suggested brilliant women in the fashion industry to compare and know the industry inside out like Jenny Bannister, Karen Webster and used quotes from mentors like Jan Breen-Burns. Every woman is beautiful, you can always find something beautiful in someone. I believe that no matter your age, shape and size you are a woman who should be showcased. I now see from the CEO of the company a slurrr at me. I won't tell you the name of the company, but this is not who I want my daughter looking up to for the future of fashion in Australia.

has just gotten the responsibility to be the casting director....
BOSS - if they are not skinny, clear skin, tall and naturally pretty, I don't want them. If they don't like it, they can fucken choose another industry to be in. This is the fashion industry, they need to either do something about it or suck it up!
Wow....harsh words... and I thought I was blunt...

I will not sell out my beliefs.  It is not how long you live, it is how much you achieve!  I don't know who said this but my brother said this to me when we were very young.

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