Thursday, 15 December 2011

Loving Grazia, and reflecting on Melbourne Cup Carnival the week prior.

Melbourne Cup Carnival is definitely my busiest week to be 'on', and I had no idea just what is involved with the media until this year.  Not only was I in the middle of damage control with my production team, desperately interviewing new team members, production staff and post production and editors, there was a non stop never ending party's and launches, that now I know why media receives all the fantastic goody bags.  One of my favourite launch parties, besides the formal VRC commitments was the Grazia Launch of Spring Racing Carnival Crown Oaks Day, also not to mention many of my dear designer and milliner friends who were featured, but my dear friend Danica Erard was on the cover, which was not too shabby I must say.  I love Grazia magazine as it is always fashion forward with new ideas and they are constantly on top of their game.  I even had the opportunity to tell Kellie Hush, editor of Grazia, that milliners are loving having their headwear focused on as a regular fashion accessory.  Fantastic as always to see my gorgeous friends Craig Braybrook, (dubbed, the Australian Valentino) and Anthony Capon always giving me a heavenly pout for the camera.  I loved sharing my love of the races and these fabulous events with the gorgeous Brett Morley who adorned me with a new creation for every day we spent together.  Check out his site,, always a pleasure to see the wonderful Jane Rocca.  Thank you Jane for your wonderful support and friendship through a huge week leading up to carnival.  Mwah. x

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