Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Runway to Redcarpet

Personally, I love seeing the way that the ladies out and about or walking the red carpet look in these outfits.  They really bring so much warmth and character to the outfit.  Somehow, I feel like the models look like allot of clones of aliens walking down the runway.  They are beautiful genetically gifted with long limbs and exquisite features but somehow lack the warmth and open friendly faces that makes an outfit your own.

I always think of my times at fashion shows when I head to the after party where I see all of these beautiful young skinny girls smoking out the back in their skinny jeans about to head home.  Looking up and down at every person heading to the after party, commenting on every label they see everyone wearing on their walk to the location.  Somehow, unless you are Miranda Kerr being paid mega bucks, Is it worth it????

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