Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Life's a Blog, then you DIE!

Don't we all adore to wear jewelry, well yes most of us.  Although what does it really mean to you?  When I think about my collection it is all about my husband and children, although I have some beautiful estate pieces and ones of great expense given to me over my life time, the only thing that it comes down to is the trinkets we wear on our body.  So when I think of Liz Taylor's life, I think of the magnificent jewel collection and carats not carrots!
These are of awesome expense to the value sold at Auction of $117,000.000, but would she have wanted them sold or to become family heirlooms.  I find it quite sad that the collection is not still as one to tour around the world for people to admire, but then again, could you imagine the insurance policy.  What are these rocks that we find so fascinating and a must need item???  What about the so called 'Diamond' that we all know about that Naomi Campbell has in her possession?
At what cost do we have these possessions, people are dying in mines for these trinkets that dazzle us, yet we can have manufactured gems for a fraction of the price, but would not be seen dead in!
When my husband proposed to me there was no ring, and I am so glad as I wanted to design my own ring.  It is amazing how quickly you can tell a fabulous diamond from a cheap and nasty.
I decided on quality and not quantity.  I knew I wanted one carat of perfection.  I had my list of three c's and was not going to budge.  What now sits on my finger truly represents the love that I have with my husband for a life time and has sat in the earth for millions of years, just waiting for the Carbon Perfection to sit on my hand with love of a lifetime of pure clarity, honor, loyalty and love.
I now choose not to have other pieces of other jewelry personally and have just asked my husband for the adorable little 'Pandora' charms, to represent each stage of our love and togetherness.  It is nothing more than a 'posh' charm piece, but I know if I love something I will purchase it myself.  Moments can never be purchased.
No matter if it be a gorgeous Diamond, Tahitian Pearl, or a Rusty Nail.  Treasure your moments, not your possessions as the old saying is 'He with most Toys wins!', "What on Earth is He Trying to Win???"

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