Monday, 19 December 2011

Roaring 20s, Predicted and still going to have a very big force through the next season.

When I first started talking about the next big trend in Racewear after the 'Madmen' Era, (the 50s) of course I was talking about Boardwalk Empire and the 20s.  Now with the fabulous Underbelly Razor and Great Gatsby being filmed in Australia, everyone is starting to come on board.  I though it was hilarious when people where aghast with my costume inspired roaring 20s flapper inspired attire.  But as Karen Webster told me, stay true to yourself because we have to stay ahead of the trends.  Click Here to see the trend report cast last year from .  Those who laugh last laugh hardest!

Check out the trends happening right now in the land of Tinsel Town!  

Chinwag with the wonderful Peter Jago, Yago, Tomato, Tomayto

More talk with Phillip Boon (Stylist Extraordinaire) and Joshua Koko

Flapper and loving it, with GMK Cuff, for added tough

Ok, Sporting operative site on knee and don't forget Brett Morley headwear.
Added Pop, Bright Blue shoes.
I may not have the figure, bank account or fame of these gals, but love feeling like I know what is happening.

Evan Rachel Wood

Camilla Belle

Elizabeth Olsen

Zoe Saldana

Whitney Port

Katy Perry


Flapper fabulous

The Gucci S/S 12 collection was absolutely roaring with 1920s-style flapper dresses, so it was only a matter of time before the A-list were working Great Gatsby-esque fashion on the red carpet.   "

Grazia Magazine 20/12/2011

Racing Fashion Australia 28/1/11

Not only is Australia ahead of USA by a Day, we just may be leading trends without knowing it!

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