Sunday, 25 December 2011

We All Just Love Jonathan Howard, Hatmaker

Jonathan Howard launched his label ‘Hatmaker’ in 2006 with the opening of his boutique

Jonathan has more than 14 years experience within a fashion environment, sculpting forms with raw materials, consistently developing and re-inventing new techniques and hat making processes along the way
Over the last 6 years Jonathan has become a staple within the Australian Fashion industry where in 2009 Jonathan was the first milliner to be awarded ‘Best Australian Fashion Accessory Designer’ at the ‘Prix De Marie Claire’ awards
His eye for detail and disposition for intricate work, with the ability to translate an idea into a finished product is what has made Jonathan the ‘Go-To’ guy for bespoke Hats and Headpieces for Men and Women
Jonathan's creations have been featured in Advertising Campaigns, Corporate Functions, and regularly highlighted in Magazine editorials such as Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia, and In Style
2010 marked Jonathan’s first Fashion week experience designing runway showpieces for Camilla, Carla Zampatti and Fernando Frisoni. Latest runway projects include Sass & Bide, Melbourne Fashion Festival and the MYER Spring/Summer launch 2011/12 

Jonathan Howard's work is simply amazing.  It is like watching an Olympic class ice skater making it look so effortlessly easy and that is what Jonathan does with his materials.  I first met Jonathan in his Double Bay Studio about 4 years ago after winning the Marie Claire, Accessories Award.  His sheer brilliance in his craft has him left aghast and somewhat modest when you mention his brilliance.  Nothing is more delightful to me than when I take a trip to Sydney and I am transformed into 'Jonathan's Hat World', even admiring his quirky blocks with 1/2 faces.  Every piece seems to have a character of its own.  I have always has small and somewhat cocktail pieces (which some may argue with, as some are huge) but many have been saying that the large brim hat is out.  "What?", Never I say, we live in Australia, we are the one country that needs to embrace the large brim hat more than any other millinery loving location.  After taking a millinery course earlier in 2011 it has shown me the talent one has to have in order to turn these "2 Dimensional materials into 3D masterpieces" I quote Philip Treacy.  Jonathan's 'Big Red' has transformed me although I can only wear it in Melbourne as it needs more than a seat to travel interstate.  The largest box I have in my collection.  Mind you Jonathan's hats do have their most brilliant home in hatboxes that are an art form of their own. Comparably to when you purchase Louis Vuitton, Jonathan's head wear boxes are just as magnificent and have the goodies inside, better to Louis Vuitton in my opinion.  When meeting Philip Treacy, I was wearing many pieces during the week including, Brett Morley, Philip Treacy and Jonathan Howard.  When in conversation with Mr Treacy he picked up Jonathan's head wear which Jonathan kindly made for me and commented on the beautiful craftsmanship.  This is a compliment that any milliner would do anything to have.  I was so excited with this compliment from Mr Treacy I rang Jonathan straight away.  I have no idea why he was somewhat shocked, maybe because they let me in, (ha ha ha).  In all I think Jonathan is a brilliant craftsman with beautiful delights for everyone's head and masks for the face with I have been seen sporting around shopping centres with Jonathan's 'cat ears'.  I have many of Jonathan's pieces in my private collection that is never in the hiring of hats in Australia as I believe to me he is my little part of Philip Treacy in Australia.

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