Sunday, 1 January 2012

Are We Making A Difference For Our Daughters???

Today when trawling the images of Facebook, I came across one really scary image that made me feel sad.  It was the image below that looks like a malnourished person from a 3rd world country in fashionable pose, hair bag etc.

I have no idea what to say about this image, but if it was to be advertising something, this is very very sad and sick.  When growing up my cousin had not only a battle with anorexia but it almost took her life, others I have seen blinded.  Yes, no vision as the fat behind the eyes can never be repaired.  Yes, some girls are naturally think and when I was about 16 I was naturally thin as my legs were long and lean, my hips had not developed and really I had allot of maturity to catch up with in my torso to gangly limbs.

I have seen a Facebook Support site for young models in Melbourne which I think if fantastic and if it is totally valid I fully support.  Please be smart girls when embarking on a career like modelling or anything in the art/drama/entertainment.  Only very few make it big and you always need to have a back up plan.  Make sure that your IQ will survive because if there is one certainty, you will die and have to pay taxes, but another is aging.  

Model Success - Education and support for models

Did you know? 10% of women suffer bulimia at some point in there lives. Anorexia has the highest death rate of all mental illness.

This is why we MUST make a difference to the media and fashion industry who dictate how we (perceive) we should look, and include more programs in the education system for young people to develop healthy body image and self esteem.

Founder of the site Joanna Kerwell seems to be making the right contacts photographed below with Megan Gale to make a difference.  Thank you for starting something that needed to be done a long time ago. 

If you are suffering an eating disorder, please know there is help 'The Butterfly Foundation', Please ask if you need help!  Click Here

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