Friday, 23 December 2011

Keeping Up with the B*&%^$s, My bums better than Kylie!

More claims from Lola that Kylie Minouge being declared the best bum in the world as total rubbish.  We have been in touch with Lola's representatives than can neither confirm or deny, that "LMAFO" hit song was to feature 'Lola', apparently Lola is just what they ordered for the song, but could not comply with the Diva's demands.  Lola demanded her own trailer swarovski encrusted all over.  Apparently the menu for Lola included Peking Duck pieces from Flower Drum restaurant in Melbourne to be served, not delivered, but to have chef come to the location and present it to her liking.  The wardrobe demands not to mention the grooming stylist was beyond a joke, with the Lola's Diva demands costing $1000 for her person assistant alone.  Lola has barked on barkker, that she is going to be the next cover b(^&% on DOUGE and you know you are top dog when you are on DOUGE cover.  Apparently Lola is devastated with the news of Lady Gaga sourcing styling tips from Madam Maude of Madam Virtue and should be getting advice from Lola. Lola has been heard to have been really dishing the dirt on Madam Maude with many in Melbourne wearing T-Shirts saying TEAM MAUDE and TEAM LOLA, you know, what ever Lola wants.

Lola's secret photos that should never have been leaked.
Lola demands that Madam Maude does not have the cute bum that she does and her reality show is what the people want to see.  If these almost naked shots get out, WHO KNOWS!

LMFAO, unable to meet Lola's Demands!

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