Friday, 30 December 2011

With definite concerns with my age in the public eye, should I have plastic surgery????

After all the concerns with Madam Maude declaring she will never have Botox and then the uproar from Princess Lola, I have serious concerns that after being told I am too fat, short and ugly, I really should go under the knife.  We are living in a looks obsessed world where we are no longer judged on the people we really are!  I know my children will love me more if I look better, and people will know I have a higher IQ if I am younger and prettier.  Since Christmas Day I have pondered the thought and really think that it is something I have to share with the world, "Would I look better with 'Plastic Lips'?".
Here is the answer and through technology, you can let me know about the result!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Through advanced technology that cannot turn the shot the right way, this is what I would look like with plastic lips. 

One should be careful when they open a bon bon, you may get crazy ideas.

Yes, that will be the day the world turns up side down!

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