Friday, 23 December 2011

Famous People with no Make Up, seeing this probably makes people feel more secure in their being!

We all buy into the fantasy of looking into a celebrities life thinking they are the epitome of beauty.  I honestly believe when I look at most of these women they are just as beautiful without make-up as they are with make-up.  Sometimes I believe they look more beautiful as it is easier to see the beauty of their soul.  Their occupations make us believe that they are these photo shopped beauties that have a make up team, hair stylists, lighting and directors where ever they go.  I love that these ladies live their lives and I say embrace being without make-up.  Give your skin a rest and be who you want to be, you are just as beautiful with or without. x
Both beautiful to me, with or without!

A mum on her way to work!

 A fresh faced teenager!

To girls having a chat, quite normal to me!

Prefer without make up, she does not need it.

Both gorgeous!

God does her make up!

I love her more without make up. 

About to give birth, we wish you every happiness!

Oh, right, beautiful, just beautiful!

Amazingly gorgeous. x

I want to see her without make up.  Too much make up all the time, we love seeing you!

A working mother!

A young girl that has ups and downs and looks more beautiful without.

If I look that good at her age, I am lucky. x

How gorgeous is she, better without, love her.

Love a fresh face. 

Bad angle, but always a bombshell.

Anyone that gets on stage after a baby, power to you sister, I know about those sleepless nights.

Who would not love Kate Hudson, always beautiful.

Ok everyone, what have you come to think???  I believe all these women are just beautiful.  If we look at them for their faults we are the ones with the problem.  Everyone is beautiful, if you look at eyes if you listen to peoples stories you will see that these ladies are doing a job, a hard one at that.  Don't look at them and compare yourself to them, you are beautiful, we all are.  The more we embrace each other and not compete and realise we don't have to, the happier you will be. x

Photos Courtesy wire image

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