Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Spring Carnival Preview Day

Thank you to the Sun God's who decided to bless Caulfield 'Spring Carnival Preview' Day with a glorious day.  Coming from Far North Queensland I still did find the day quite chilly so decided to stick with long sleeves.  I felt under the weather so I was unable to stay for the duration of the young ladies heats but embraced the competition watching the 'Stylish Ladies 40+' and 'Stylish Gentlemen'.
The luncheon in the winning post was superb, but only had a couple of glasses of bubbles, but really had to stick to the top shelf.
Racing Fashion TV had a ball filming for the beginning of season 5.  Currently we are up to Season 4 on Channel 31 in Melbourne on Tuesday night at 8.30.  We are outrating Foxtel!  Yay!
Here are some teaser photos from Saturday and there are heaps more to come on the Racing Fashion site.  Stay tuned and you will be seeing heaps of new faces with the Racing Fashion team.
Remember it is a trendless season where you can get away with wearing what ever you want.  Lace, brocade, neon, hot colours, neutrals, pastals, anything goes.
Trend Alert, Recycling.  Hat made out of Race Books.
Jesinta Campbell was very excited about my Louboutins.  What did we say about never taking our shoes off?
Well there were heels flying everywhere  back stage with ladies trying on my Aurelo Borealis Louboutins.

A fantastic crowd with the sun shining and the gates open to the public.

How wonderful to have two wonderful judges, Karen Webster (above) and Jan Breen Burns (Below).
These two ladies are at the very forefront of fashion in Melbourne, Australia and the world and are wonderfully respected.  Two fantastic Fashion Mentors.

Ladies 40+ Finalists.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Schiaparelli, with a hue of pink named after you; what is not to love?

A name of designer past that I adore is Schiaparelli who gave the millinery world the shoe on the head.  Some find it strange, I find it genius.  In this world of constant social media, advertising and the advertising executive of the biggest luxury brands in the world forking out big bucks to bring in the crowd.  I simply love their new adverting campaign of a horse race.  Now this is what Racing Fashion adores!  Hats and Hooves, always look out for those amazing Schiaparelli turbans ladies in Vintage stores, they are hard to come by but they are amazing and a millinery collector item.
Click Here for the new advertising Campaign.

Elsa Schiaparelli's legacy lives on with companies still using her vivid hue

Schiaparelli has inspired designers such as Prada

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Totally in love with Vintage Schiaparelli

The Iconic Shoe Hat

Elsa Schiaparelli Millinery