Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Melbourne's most Fashionable Maude!, "I won't get Botox!" I like my character lines!

They all said this puppy love would never last!

Maude often uses quotes from the great Coco Chanel

Often when advise is given, you know when she wears her hat, she may just take a snooze.  Wake me when you are done darlings.  zzzzz

Mink and Gagalicious Sunglasses, so the Papp bulbs are not too bright.

Melbourne the fashion Capital of Australia, words have been spoken by Melbourne's most fashionable 'Maude'. Maude declares, "She has never had Botox and is not planning on it in the future!".  Of course you would all know Maude giving her fashion advice to all calling in to the wonderful Madam Virtue, with a greeting at the door just to retire in her chair to look one up and down, huff with acceptance and go on with her preening of the day.  Maude does not speak often, but when she speaks, I listen as her words are pure wisdom, not to mention that Gaga is a huge fan and visits Maude whenever in town.  Yes TRUE!  Maude has made me aware that she will not count out Botox forever, but she does wish to age gracefully, she believes her character lines show the times in fashion that have not been so kind.  OH Maude, you are such a divine DIVA, show us how it is done girlfriend.  By the way, her boys Jc and Dean are not too shabby either.  Below are pictures of Maude, Lapping in Luxury.  

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