Thursday, 31 May 2012

Random Funny Story of the Day

One of the best pranks I ever played was over 10 years ago.
I always purchase pharmaceutical quality cosmetics which can only be purchased at cosmetic surgery places (otherwise known as the panel beater).
My ex and I were more mischief makers than anything else, but I was looking at the cabinet about to ask the attendant to open to purchase.

She was in the middle of a treatment so had to run off and left the desk unattended. 

An asian american lady walked in, (I know this sounds like a joke, but true)
My mate walked behind the desk looking through the appointments quite convincing like he worked there and said, “Yes madam, how can I help you?”
The lady started to rattle of about some clenser and toner,
He then turned to me behind the desk and said, “Anna, can you help this lady?”
I had to keep a straight face and it was hard, I said quite calmly like nothing was wrong, “NO, I don't work here.”
Before this lady could wonder what was going on, this man had vanished from behind the counter, walked out the front door and down the lift, (elevator for the American's)
I was in tears of laughing trying not to let this poor lady see.
Next the lady who works there walks to the front counter and say, “How may I help you?”

She replys, “The most bizarre thing has just happened!” I swear she did not know what was going on, she was looking all around a ceilings at walls like she was in a parallel universe or looking for a hidden camera. She continued to explain, “There was a man, He, he,he was here and then he was just gone!”

At this stage, I was almost crying in laughter and so was the assistant, this poor woman to this day will never know who that strange man or where that strange land was, but I tell you, he never returned!!!!

That is the whole point, it is not meant to make sense, that is why it is so ridiculously funny!

Rockin and Rollin Editorial

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Derek The Angry Dugong, Due to Popular Demand

Since I have wondered how a dugong can possibly make predictions that alone talk and write, this is totally amazing and viral.  I have had many requests for my local fishy friend to make predictions on peoples lives.  Again, Derek does not let us down.  Yes, this is in my local paper, and it is in circulation.  I love the cartoon about the lawyer at the bottom though.
Have a great week, and if you have a bad week, blame Derek!

Caption for the bus, Lawyer was Here!!!!!  Back Next Week!!!!

I Just Don't Get, How They Don't Get It???

Totally in love with Beatrice's hat, I still do not understand how people can not think it is fabulous.  Philip Treacy has truly brought hats into this century and he is totally amazing.  This is a hat that has had the world talking.  I thought she looked amazing and why the hell not!
The thing is, who is anyone to say if they like anything or not and who should wear what!  Fabbo, and Philip Treacy did more for the hat world stepping outside the box and opening people's eyes with one hat than any hat maker.
As far as I am concerned, if you don't get it, don't diss it.  I don't understand allot of things, but I don't dismiss them, that would be just plain ignorant!

You don't have to like it, but it is now in hat terms, maybe you would prefer your  bonnet from the dark ages!

I think this is cute and funny

Monday, 28 May 2012

Angry Bike Shop Man!

Somebody woke up on the bad side of the bed this morning. This morning my nanny was walking home with my kids and the pram had a puncture. So, lets get it fixed.
While at the bike shop, I asked if it could be repaired and they Bike Shop Man, took the wheel of and began to tell us that we should no have wheeled it when it was punctured.
Mind you, Two toddlers, mums out there, I know you here me.
He came over sanding the side of the wheel, starting to give me a lecture about the wheel and how important a rim is!
Fully understanding that it is not good to have a punctured tire and still use it, I told him that our nanny did not do it on purpose.
He turned in frustration.
I must admit, when leaving the shop I found it so amusing that someone was so uptight about repairing a tire I was in hysterical laughter, my nanny was laughing too.
Meanwhile getting ice-cream for the kids and Angry Bike Shop Man being named, 'Mr Grumpy', we head back in and spoke to his apprentice that gave us an explanation about the tire, AGAIN!
I assured him, I have learnt my tire lesson and it will not happen again.
Mr Grumpy quite humbly turned to myself, nanny and children and said “I don't want to give you a complex about the Pram.” Too Funny, (like anyone who gets a complex about a pram has serious issues), He then apologised and said, “I don't want to be known as 'Angry bike shop Man'”,
I said it was OK, we did not think of him as 'Angry Bike Shop Man', but when we left, Mr Grumpy was Mr Apologise.
The moral to the story,
If your life is going to give you stress changing pram tires, decide on another career.
It is not worth worrying your life away about pram tires when the owner is not that upset in the first place.

Poor Angry Bike Shop Man

It is just not worth getting this upset over a tyre!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Facebook Conversations, I deal with my 2 year old, but others also have to deal with immaturity

Dealing with my 2 year old is like dealing with someone who has not rationality. 

I think my poor friend Mr Song, has had the same IQ around him, otherwise known as good old fashioned JEALOUSY!!!!

We love you Mr Song. 

A dilemma...
an egg was thrown at my showroom window last night. We checked the camera and I know who did it... What should I do now???
 ·  · 

Obviously someone with too much time and egg on their hand!