Saturday, 31 March 2012

Miranda Kerr by Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar US April 2012

Joan Smalls by Daniel Sannwald in Dior for POP S/S 2012

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Flapper Fabulous 20s Fashion, Great Gatsby

Oh, I know fashion is turning so quickly that we don't know what is what right now, but refusing to leave us is the fantastic flapper trend that will stay on target until Great Gatsby has screened and the nominations for best film are over.  The trend started early in Australia due to the fantastic 'Underbelly Razor', which was continued from Boardwalk Empire.  Now after the sparkle of Gucci, with all the glistening trimmings, we are seeing more delicate pieces from the likes of Alberta Ferretti and Ralph Lauren.  To keep on top of Racing Fashion trends, be sure to catch up Click Here.

Being POSH!!!

People who know me, or even have just met me, they know I cannot control excitement and I don't want to either.  Something I love is life and living it.  My mother is beautiful, but she tries very hard to keep me acting like a lady and I am sure she would love it if I was a little bit Posh, or even snobby.
I just cannot do it, everyone is always so much fun that I just want to join in like a puppy on the beach.  Why not I say!  Once you grow up, there are not many reasons to get really excited, where I look at my children and they are seeing everything for the first time.  Blowing bubbles is exciting, balloons are fun, getting messy, anything is fun.  Usually when I get big new, before I sign contracts, look in to things or think rationally, I warn everyone around me, "Don't burst my bubble today!", I give myself a day of thinking like a child and toying with fun ideas of something fabulous.  I ring up all my good friends and tell them the news, and they know I am just going through one of my exciting little moments, even if it works out or not.
I wish I could be a little bit posh or snobby, but really, I just like talking to lots of people, because lots of people love to be heard.  Next time you hear something fabulous, just go with it for a day, don't let anyone talk to you rationally and fly high, it is a fabulous feeling and it makes you remember how much fun it is to build sandcastles.

I really think in the nicest possible way, Victoria Beckham is the best coat hanger!

I just could not stand around that long and not smile, or move quickly, or have that figure.
But please take note, I have seen pictures of her smiling, and recently her talking!!!