Wednesday, 21 December 2011

New Reality Show, Keeping up with the B*^&$5

Princess Lola, has allegedly recently been in trouble with the law, (DUI)

Reports of Sleeping Around!

Tiara looks straight to me. 

I know, 'Behind the Sash' as a reality series is on hold but there is a new war brewing.  Oh Dear, just when I thought Queen Maude of Madam Virtue Couture was Queen Bee working the Press, I hear that Lola has come back with a backlash.  Say it is not so!  I have revealed by a reliable source, that recently Princess Lola has declared that this instant Madam Maude making public news that she has not had Botox actually infers that Princess Lola regularly goes for pampering and preening at an undisclosed location coming out with her tiara slightly crooked!  Disgusted Lola had said that she has never had lipo suction and that Madam Maude has a rear end like a 'Muppet on Crack'.  No one can talk about Madam Maude that way, but Lola insists she never started these rumors.  Is this true, what is the next installment, the reality series of Keeping up with the B(^$#&???? may soon be coming to a major network near you.  Meanwhile, I think Madam Maude is quite comfy with Loyal Lola taking Princess scene while she stays the Princess, like able Lola said, I would always rather be a princess than a Queen, they are much too AAAHHHuum, mature.  Craig Braybrook, dubbed the next Valentino, refused to comment as he knows no such rubbish would come from such a delicate Lola, Madam Virtue Couture Designers, Jc and Dean are tight lipped and will not have and nasty gossip about their Queen.  Stay tuned, it sounds like these B^$%#!@ are at war, but love and loathe are very close.

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