Monday, 9 July 2012

Robyn Coles with Naked Models

How long have you been designing hats?
Robyn Coles: I have only been a milliner since last summer, before that I was a buyer/merchandiser for brands such as Armani, Liberty and Browns. My career change came last year when I felt that I wanted to make my own creative contribution to the world of fashion. It is so rewarding to make something with your own hands and scary to be on the other side of the fence with regards to fashion selection.
Why naked models?
It’s a basic, honest publicity scam! As a new designer I want to get people to see my work and now. I hope that people who look at the show like the light-hearted choice of nudity, appreciate the different forms of the human body and above all – like my work. It was about getting as many people there as possible. Furthermore I like to think that it highlights the ease of accessories in that you don’t have to be a certain shape or size to wear a hat. It is always good to see diversity on the catwalk, and accessories is the best way to do that.
After the show did you get buyers who were interested in your work?
I already have a deal with a company called and they are selling the collection right now. I am also selling on my own website. I am having meetings with a few other buyers after Paris is done. I had a lot of press interest though!
How did you choose the models? In particular the pregnant one?
Sophia is a friend of mine and she has done a lot of pagentry and glamour modelling so is confident with her body, I also thought it was great bonus that she was pregnant as you never really see that on the catwalk. Jeff was another friend who is an all round fan of nudity, I knew that he would want to be involved. Then we cast some life drawing models such as Alex, the lady with the lovely long grey hair. She is Italian and so she has a wonderful air of confidence about her body. Then we had Katie who is a burlesque dance going by the name of Lady Cave. Again as she is a performer she is so confident about her body and they all were wonderful, when they came off stage they were so excited they all just wanted to do it again!
Photos: Charley Staniforth
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