Thursday, 22 December 2011

I Have a Family to Feed, and I Have to Keep Up With These Bi&$^s

Reports out of China, that their may be some rumors that clothes are being made in China.  One victim tells, I am just trying to keep up.  I have endless amounts of 'Bling' and I have recently been waxed that makes me even more popular.  Oh, do I mean Wax Worx, or Waxed as in Bald.  Anyway, I have puppies to feed, I want to make it, like these amazing designers in Milan, Paris, Australia, New York but I have to go to China to have my products made.  I sweat all day at the idea, Oh no, perspire.  That is OK as long as no one knows that I am just trying to drive consumer driven advertising through my fame of being so beautiful.  I just hope Madam Maude and Princess Lola are not onto me.  I am going to try and settle some of my stock their but they may be jealous of my looks.  It does not matter, my mother thinks I am beautiful.
As you can see, I have built up a sweat and I am pooped!

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