Friday, 29 June 2012

Purchase in stores to keep the economy going, I think there are sales on.

The number of stocktake sales for the end of financial year.  Tomorrow things are going to be slashed in price even more so if you are looking for your consumer and capitalism fix.  Now is the time.

My plasma had the gong after about 7 years of use and tomorrow I can buy a  new 50 inch with 2 year warranty for $599.  Yes, that means Mickey Mouse club house will be even bigger.

Computer shopping has never been so cheap and tomorrow if you want a car, or to stock up on children's clothes for Winter as I have been doing.  It is now!!!

With all the doom and gloom of the GFC, the only thing that is going to bring us out of financial ruin in the big picture is if we have consumer confidence and spend the $$$ that we can.  I know not every one has $$$ to spend, but if we can all keep the circle moving, purchasing etc, the money ring will keep on turning.

One thing is for sure that everyone is excited about sales, admittedly, I am not the shopperholic everyone may think I am, but I am a bargain shopper.  I have not spent anything on myself, just indulged my children in warm clothes.
Keep the country moving and get to a shop, the more we buy online junk, that will probably not fit us made in China and so mass produced, the worse our situation is going to be.  Go into a shop, they have to pay rent, they have to pay overheads and staff.  This is the reason the world is down the tube, because all the middle man is being cut out.  Go and see your favourite designer, and see what they can do for you.  Everyone wants to work!!!!

Purchasing online is a great pick me up when the closest shop is over an hour away, but keeping jobs and rent, the whole country going is allot more important.  Spend where you can and if you can.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

YSL now collectable.

I was just saying a couple of days ago about the collect-ability of the 'Champagne' fragrance bottle that changed to 'Yvresse' and the little champagne cork bottle is now a collectors item.

Now quickly ladies in Melbourne and Australia, head to Madam Virtue and stock up on YSL as it is soon to be the most coveted Vintage label.
Click Here for Madam Virtue

Here is a fantastic Article from

As if vintage YSL items weren’t sought after enough already, the brand’s recent overhaul is about to make them all the more covetable.
According to Christos Garkinos, co-owner of famed vintage boutique Decades, whenever a brand hires a new creative director, there is a sense of a new era beginning, and “the prior designer’s pieces become more collectible.” Add to that the fact that the new designer will be completely overhauling the brand’s image and logo, and you’ve got a recipe for a seriously collectible–and therefore more valuable–vintage market.
“I strongly believe that the makeover of the brand will increase the value of neo-vintage [from the] Tom Ford and Stefano Pilati era as well as true vintage [from the] Yves Saint Laurent era,” Garkinos said.
Garkinos partner, Decades co-owner, Cameron Silver agreed, saying that items baring the original YSL or Yves Saint Laurent logo will have more “novelty.”
“I think promotional logo pieces, or unusual objects, like table art, and costume jewelry that uses the YSL logo–like say, a YSL gold necklace from the nineties–will definitely increase in value,” Silver said.
But, he added that the change in value for YSL clothing may not be quite as dramatic. “YSL is not a logo driven house,” he said. “The codes are so much stronger than the logo. It’s not known for its monogram in the sam way as, say, Louis Vuitton.”
So what exactly does this mean for you? Well, for starters, if you’re watching any vintage YSL on eBay right now, you may want to think about purchasing. An eBay spokeswoman told us, “When the YSL logo does in fact change [for the new collection] we expect an increased appetite amongst shopping enthusiasts for Yves Saint Laurent products.” And as any good econ student knows: When demand soars–so does price. So again, it might be time to start purchasing before the logo officially changes next spring–consider it an investment!

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Friday, 22 June 2012

Big Hats at Royal Ascot 2012, Is bigger better???

OK, Everyone is going to have an opinion on these outfits, but look, this is what makes the races so much fun and theatrical.  These hats and outfits are big and bold, but they are wearing hats, and it is fun to look at. By the way it is so much easier to look at these and think of the like button rather than hate.


Photos courtesy fashion telegraph, Click Here.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Saint Laurent, I think it is a publicity pitch for a younger market!

It has hit the news today and been confirmed, but really why???

Yves Saint Laurent was a pioneer of the fashion industry and kept designing almost right up until his death.  He is an icon of the fashion industry.  Not only did he take on the naming right of 'Champagne', to have to have the name changed to 'Yvresse', or 'My Tribute to Women who want to Sparkle', the bottles of 'Champagne' perfume are not a collectors item.
Now it all comes around again.  Someone wanting to take away from the genius and turn it into theirs when he has departed our world.
Are we going to now be collecting all our bottles with the old Logo, personally I just think it is a publicity stunt as Christian Dior has now just forged on with the Title of 'Dior' for a younger market.

I am old school and I love Yves Saint Laurent just the way it is, but I am not the campaign manager.  One thing is for sure if you check out the latest adverts from Dior and Channel, their business is booming, so I am sad that today we have to say goodbye to the Christian name of 'Yves'.
You may be gone, but people who have followed your fashion through the years will know you will never be forgotten.

New hot off the press from Click Here

It’s understandable for a new creative director to want to make a few changes at his new label–wouldn’t that kinda be why he was hired in the first place? But we just heard a rumor about a major change new YSL creative director Hedi Slimane is considering–and it’s pretty drastic.
A reliable source tells us there may be talks within the company of having the “Yves” taken out of Yves Saint Laurent. We hear the issue was brought up by Slimane in the interest of giving the brand more of a fresh, modern feel as he begins his tenure there. Thus, our source said, the iconic YSL logo shall be no more. (Though we suspect, if this really ends up happening, YSL SL will come up with something better than the above.)
Of course, this is nothing more than a rumor, but could you imagine? Calling the brand Saint Laurent won’t be too much of a stretch, as people already call it that, but will we really call it SL (for SLimane?) for short? What about all the stores and beauty products and that iconic logo? Won’t changing everything be incredibly expensive and confusing? Would the value of vintage or pre-Slimane YSL then go up?
We also wonder if YSL co-founder Pierre BergĂ©, who has worked tirelessly to keep Yves Saint Laurent’s memory alive with expansive archives and a foundation, would approve of such a huge change.
If true, this is a surprising statement for Slimane to make, given his past at YSL (he designed menswear from 1998-2000) and the fact that BergĂ©, who has been quite critical of previous creative directors, seemed pleased to have him on board and called him “a member of the YSL family.”
Then again, perhaps the company had already been considering it. It’s not at all uncommon for storied fashion houses to go by their founding designer’s last name: Chanel, Versace, and Armani are just a few examples. We can also understand Slimane wanting to distance himself from the label’s inimitable founder, whose legacy, as some of Slimane’s predecessors have expressed, can be difficult to live up to.
We’ve reached out to YSL (if that’s what it’s even called) for comment and will report back when we hear more.
What do you think? Could Yves Saint Laurent just be Saint Laurent?
Update: This is really happening!! An Yves Saint Laurent spokesperson has confirmed to WWDthat Slimane plans to change the name of the house to Saint Laurent Paris. And that’s not all.
Slimane’s inspiration for the house’s branding makeover reportedly comes from 1966, when the company first introduced its ready-to-wear line under the name Saint Laurent Rive Gauche. He plans to use similar fonts and wording from that time. However, the Yves, along with the iconic YSL logo, won’t disappear entirely. The full Yves Saint Laurent name will continue to be used for “institutional purposes” and the logo will remain the same. Phew!
The changes are being positioned by YSL as “restoring the house to its truth, purity and essence – and taking it into a new era” while “respecting the original principles and ideals,” according to the trade. The new branding is expected to be introduced by the time Slimane’s spring 2013 collections hit stores.

Are you becoming Brand a Phobic, came up with some substitutes, what do you think???

Daphne Groeneveld for Dior Addict

I am so totally obsessed with this dutch beauty.  She is amazingly gorgeous and captures something different in every shot.  Adore the new Dior Addict Advert, Christian Dior, AMAZING, your advertising team earn their money. Love it. xxxxxx