Sunday, 22 January 2012

Blood Sucking Vampires

If you knew how to get rid of something would you not want to know?

Yes, what better repellent than good old Aussie Vegemite.  Living in Far North Queensland, you can do a few things to get rid of the little blood suckers.  The Australian Mosquito loves the taste of new fresh blood so after a while they get sick of you, so they will go to new blood.  This is great if you are living at a hotel were you are constantly having new blood arriving.
Another thing is eat good old Aussie Vegemite, or I would prefer Aussie Mite,  unless we buy Australian, it will be bye bye Australia.  The vitamen B12 in Vegemite is a secret ingredient that Mozzies cannot stand.
Another thing we are gripped with in Far North Queensland is also Dengue Fever, allot of people working offshore grab a hold of a nice big B12 injection from the doctor and magic, No Mozzie Bites!

You learn something new everyday!

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