Tuesday, 24 January 2012

What is happening in fashion RIGHT NOW!

What is happening in fashion right now??? There is nothing more tacky right now to be splashing cash, even if I did wear a huge amount of million dollar notes on my head for magic millions. It is fun to have a feeling right now of living in the land of luxury but when it comes to reality, lets face it. I don't know anyone with big bucks right now being able to afford the items we should be lusting after. Instead we are innovating, one of my biggest things right now is deconstruction and reconstruction. As soon as I purchase something I just about strip it down to the basic shell of what I like about it as I would hate to be seen as a clone. Another of my huge tips is now looking for fabulous fabric. We cannot see the wonderful textiles that they had when my grandma was sewing, but thankfully for fabulous sites such as etsy.com we can purchase vintage fabrics and I have purchased many beautiful full skirt items that have been cut on the bias that I know I can take to a skilled tailor and have my clothes made for my body in luxurious fabrics. When looking at the 2012 SS couture most things offshore have left me uninspired and flat. Thinking it is up to us to lead the way of fashion. As Jan Breen-Burns said we are the ones innovating our own interpretations of what we see on the “Street Fashion” everyday.
This brings me to one point that now we have high end designers in lower price bracket stores such as Target where does that leave our market?? Your guess is as good as mine. Right now it seems there is definitely a slump in the world of fashion and consumers are becoming more savvy. No more the Gen Y spending up big on Credit Cards just to look good for the moment, people are becoming more thrifty when shopping and not even big sales and low prices can move stock right now. We are all going back to basics of fashion.
I had no idea of what a hit my brothers 1980s punk Jacket would be at a recent Melbourne event and was asked to sell it on the spot several times. I have now seen that the 'Exploited' logo from a band that I am sure not many people are old enough to remember has been ripped off!
The racetrack will always stay proper and ladylike for the fashion competitors that keep us watching so closely, but right now in the world of fashion moving so quickly we are looking to the streets and in some cases celebrities to see what is hot right now.
When talking to Karen Webster who is a wealth of information in the fashion world, she finds it so difficult to keep up with the trends she is often always wearing black and staple outfit and keeping up in the latest accessories as her wardrobe would be double as she has to stay ahead of what fashion is doing.
I have found it most difficult of late coming out of the colour blocking craze to settle down and see what is what for fashion right now. One thing is for sure, there is less spending and more wardrobe transformation with mix and match and one word for you, “Recycle”.

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