Monday, 30 January 2012

Fashions on the Field, your right to compete.

As fashions on the field is evolving there is more and more speculation on what Racing Fashion is and where it is leading. Recently I had a conversation with the wonderful Kim Fletcher who makes beautiful millinery as well as being a lovely person and giving me great sound advice.
When chatting about Fashions on the Field, we both personally came down to the decision that it is a right of all Australian women at the track that they should always have the right to get up on stage and feel fantastic. As long as they are wearing some form of millinery, they are welcome. Yes you do have your die hard fashion on the field competitors but this cannot and should not stop anyone from getting up and having a go. The thing is as time goes by and if ladies who have just started doing this for fun, they will be able to see why some people are final ling and then see where they can compensate to bring their personal style to a competitive level.
With one of my dear friends heading off to Dubai to try her luck in the International Fashions on the Field, I said, “Why not! This is a fantastic opportunity.” Nothing should be holding anyone back from getting up there and having a go.
In my friends case, she tells me of the judgement she has every day and trials of how hard she works for her family and her outlet is to dress up like a lady on the weekends and showcase herself. What a fantastic excuse! She is now learning the art of purchasing vintage and learning about couture, and this is what we have to embrace in fashions on the field that we can open up the industry to showcase Australian couturiers and not have our $$$$s heading overseas just a showcase of beautiful women in stunning millinery and clothes made in Australia.
Many people have different reasons for entering fashions on the field. Some may be models wanting to get rid of stage fright or models just wanting practice on a catwalk. Some girls want to get their face noticed so they may become promotional models, others just love what they do and having the opportunity to get dressed up with friends and have a go.
Kim Fletcher and I were even speaking of a girl that was unable to make eye contact with a huge amount of shyness and since she has been doing fashions on the field she has a new air of confidence. No matter what your story is, you have the right to hop up on stage and give it a go, I mean what do you have to loose? Absolutely nothing, you will almost get some sort of voucher or goody bag, and you may just have what the judges are looking for that day.
Remember Racing Fashion is never just one look and of course ladies it is about embracing being a lady so skirt lengths are a good tip to keep in mind. There will always be winners and losers, but in my eyes if you are getting up and having a go with a great attitude you are a winner.

Every person in the above photos has as much right to be there as anybody else, this is one of the best things about Australian Fashions on the Field, everyone has the right to get up and have a go.
I think next year, Australia Day Racing I will be wearing a lamb chop hat! 

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