Monday, 2 January 2012

It should not have to take celebrities to push us into the right direction, but if we have to, here goes!

Wearing millinery and hats is simply second nature which started about 7 years ago when I was bald and my love is now an obsession.  They are fantastic for bad hair days as well for us who may need a little help from the bottle to keep our sunny blonde locks.  Seeing everyone has loved the last Blog so much about 2012, year of the hat, Please keep us updated with your favourite looks, new hats, when you have been wearing a hat or just because you love them.  We have everyone wanting the hat to come back in and I am sure if we start all wearing hats every day we can start to transform the milliners profession and hopefully we will see the comeback of the hat.  If you have a head, you can wear a hat, it is that easy!

Started is a new Facebook page for everyone to share their love, 

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