Wednesday, 25 January 2012

20s Inspiration, taking a look back at what was really worn during the 1920s.

The Flapper Dress
There is one look that epitomises the era of the 1920s and that is the flapper dress.  It actually became popular in 1926.  It was defined by shorter hemlines just below the knee and was considered quite risque in those days.  Loose skirts, boxy silhouettes and flattened chests were the look also of the era.  To get the look today look for simple shapes that fall just below the knee, but the key is in the detailing of the beading and fringing which is perfect for parties this season. 

For a true 1920s look of the time you must pay attention to the 'Cloche Hat' which was the key look to this era. 

The Cloche Hat is bang on trend for this season with Dior showcasing the look in S/S 11 and 12.  Many of the models on the catwalk looked like they had come off set from 'Underbelly Razor', and other shows like Boardwalk Empire, Downtown Alley and the most anticipated Great Gatsby re make.
If you are unsure about the cloche of feel it takes too much hair away making you feel bare, you can always opt for a head band look with embellishment on the side.

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