Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Liza Stedman Millinery

I adore the Liza Stedman Millinery,  I sit and talk to her and feel her raw inspiration and love for Australia's native Flora and Fauna.  When thinking about Australian Milliners, one name immediately comes to mind and that is Liza.  A true earthy delight of a person that really just loves the raw Craft of Millinery and transforming her love of Australian Botanics onto the head.  I met Liza and was so intrigued and in love with the idea of her Gum Blossoms.  We met at the prelude of the Caulfield Cup Carnival at the Ladies Luncheon at Albert Park where Liza spoke and first introduced the 'Gum Blossom' flower that would soon see her winning the Melbourne Cup Carnival Millinery Award in 2011 for a 2nd time
.When talking about new couture designs during Melbourne Cup Carnival I knew it had to be a 'Gum Blossom'.  I am usually known for loud statement hats and loving big hats that no one else would dare wear.  Although the Gum Blossom is a large hat, it was so subdued for a large piece in the natural toned straw, beautifully sculpted with bursts of Red Australian Botanic. I had no idea how in love I would be with this piece.  I turning up at Oaks Day during Melbourne Cup Carnival and thought, I feel fabulous and I have on statement millinery.  I did not want to win, I simply wanted to show off a fantastic hat; and I did.  I asked the Myer 'Fashion on the Field' ladies and they thought it was a great Idea to have my 'Hitchcock Moment'.  Some people may laugh, but I really don't mind.  Fashions on the Field is for everyone to feel fabulous, wearing millinery.  Va Voom!  Why Not!
This piece is more than a hat, it is a part of Liza's Heart.  Liza has told me her love for Botanic goes beyond pure admiration, Liza studies her favourite plants and gets to know them on a personal level.  I really love having a chat to Liza and seeing her vision come into being.  Her creations are truly masterfully crafted .

All photos are Courtesy of Liza Stedman Millinery, Click Here to be directed to her site.

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