Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Someone did not like my outfit! I better run away and cry!

I am always perplexed when other people care so much about what I am wearing. If someone is dressed well I say, “Great outfit, or I love it!”, but that is what makes them who they are and me who I am.
I had a blast at the Magic Millions Gold Coast VIP Ball and one lady had to tell me she thought I looked hot but if only I took off those “f&%^$(g stupid cat ears.”.
In all honesty I felt sad for her as she must be so invalidated in her being that she would have to say something drastically negative to someone. Usually I just let the b*(^$s bark, but I thought I would throw a cat amongst the pigeons. (ha ha pardon the pun)
I decided not to use negativity but use common sense in saying that, “Well that is the beauty of you being you and me being me. You don't have to like what I wear and I don't mind! Then said, I would find the world drastically boring without cat ears.”
More frazzled, she began to rant and rave while going through her purse searching for lipstick and answers and said, “I like to tell people what I think, and I think you look F*&$%^g stupid!”
I then said, “But you have already told me what you thought, and I don't think the same as you!”
Again, she went ahead with “I just like to tell people what I think.”

I said, “Thank you, I know what you think and it does not change my mind”,
Meanwhile I broke an incredibly fabulous ring and said “Darn it!”, “I just broke my $8 dollar ring” (ha ha)
The girl said “That will teach you! See what $8 buys!”
I said “Yes, that is the best $8 I have spent in a long time”

The moral to the story is why bother to say something negative, others who are negative are the ones being bound around in my boa of fabulous feathers. Life is way too short! By the way I still love my cat ears! Meow!

Thank you to Andrew Meadowcroft for this photo from Gold Coast VIP.

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