Sunday, 29 January 2012

I pose the question, Is there freedom of Speech or are we just all too precious!

Is there really freedom of speech or is everyone just a little too precious these days. Living in the year of 2012 where we should be over racial hatred, religious warfare and downright discrimination. We are now presented in a world where I feel some people have become way too precious.
When sparking up conversation with people at times you have to assess if the people you are talking to can have constructive criticism and learn from yourself while you learn from them, or do you have to tread carefully.
When growing up, every adult was a Mr or a Mrs and the rules were very strict. I had no choice, there were no teachers asking about my home life of child services. (not saying I needed them) But there was a code of ethics that I had to stand by. I had to keep my mouth shut to adults and speak when spoken to. Now I do not criticise that this has changed polarity, but is there a time now when you realise that the generations behind you cannot stand to hear fact.
Often now, when speaking, I am direct and I do not want to listen to fodder but how do they take it when they may be caught out in a blatant lie. In order to lie, you must A. Have a brilliant memory to remember the lies and if it is not fact it is very hard to remember and B. Begin to believe your lies and then have to elaborate on them.
There are also some very distinctive points that go along with lying, touching your face, twitching, the way the eyes point when telling a story and even the rapid breaths and swallowing. No this is not from a 'Lie to Me' Show, this comes from one of the best lie detectors I have ever met that works for the AFP. After a while no matter how small the lie you cannot get away with it and I think that what makes me so darn black and white.
My point is, you are told stories by people that you may take on face value but they end up tripping up in lies. Do you save someone from tripping up on their own lies??? No, you just have to let them go and think, did this not happen in those high school motion pictures.
In the fact of talking about freedom of speech, it has become so pathetic that someone is always putting up there hand saying, “I'll sue you!”.
So where do we say, no that is not appropriate to say. I have made the decision that freedom of speech in most first world countries is possibly dead as there is allot of political correctness gone absolutely mad, but if some one says horrible derogatory things about you, do you not just accept that they are the ones without a soul and just to give them a wide berth.
The thing is when ever a comment is made, people are thinking I am talking about them. I am probably not talking about you at all. Just going through my day thinking about my thoughts of people who come into my head and I express it onto cyber world.
When reading allot of my posts, unless it is fact of winner and colours of what someone is wearing, it may be opinion, of which I believe we are all entitled to. I must admit I love to see sparks of people who do want constructive conversation and can articulate their points correctly, but please have valid points and I love a good debate only to walk away feeling exactly like I did about the person before I had the conversation.
These days if conversations are based on individual opinions why should we have to agree?? Cannot we just think this is so wonderful that someone else has an individual point of view with justification of what they say.
I like to meet people that have the same point of view and values but the only person that has the same opinion and values to me I married. I am happy for others to have points of view and not like what I like, but if I say I don't like something, I will tell you if you want to know but please don't be a precious child that needs a sugar coating. We have so much to be grateful for in out country, that we don't have famine, war and the need to fight for our existence or do some people believe we do??  

In all honesty, when writing this post, nothing could prepare me to go onto the site of poverty stricken children and see this image.  To me this just reiterates how ridiculous the world has become, thinking about being precious.  This is what precious is, the life of a child!

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