Saturday, 21 January 2012

Serendipitous Neigbours!,

The world seems to get smaller and smaller all the time, but when you keep on coming across the same neighbours and some things are just to co-incidental it is creepy.

Talking to somebody and mention that husbands work in Tullamarine, the next minute we were discussing schools and then flooding.  We did not know that these people lived across the road from us in Melbourne, I know that is really trippy.

When I was between about 15 to 22 I lived on a farm in the back of  Melbourne, about 80 acres then backing onto the State Park, one of my neighbours from living next door to the farm is now a next door neighbour in Far North Queensland.

The most weird, is when I was away shooting for Spring Racing Carnival, our immediate neighbour that we see all the time was the compare for all the Racing Fashion 20 years ago on channel 9, Judy Anne Stewart, my husband then said, that is what my wife does, now that is a very small co-incidental world!

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