Thursday, 19 January 2012

Social Network suddenly Anti Social Network, What if we all caught this virus?

Pandoras Box is something that we all want to open, but what are the consequences???
I had been warned of the viral attacks to your computer on Facebook and the consequences that it can have to your computer, but I had no idea that the social network could become the anti social network. As I have to spend many hours a day on the computer editing and emailing to stay in touch with the world, I would often have on Facebook to think I can keep up with what my friends are doing. Family in other states, keep in touch with the fashion and things that I love, but be warned of a horrible virus that will turn friends into foes.
Basically, you will be able to read everything, people have said about you and really shocking things that do send you into a bit of another world. Immediately you can access things people are saying in horrible derogatory manners and people that you knew did not like you are not only still saying nasty things but you can see it in black and white forever printed in front of you.
This brings me to thinking about some of my friends in positions of media spotlight tell me of the numbers of dislike emails and calls they get. Yes, they cope with it because it is their job and it is their occupation putting themselves out there, but to be sitting down relaxing with your family and then under your name be confronted with hate mail. One after the other is to say the least a bit of an WOW, what is going on moment! OK, yes I was barraged with thoughts from people that I really don't care about but this would even make the most secure person feel a bit taken back. It is not the people I knew who were not my friends, it was the others that are still playing nice to my face, and then I think would I have been better not knowing this information??? But as someone said, that does their opinion matter to you and the answer is no!
Do I feel differently about them? Will I confront them??? A million things go through your head and I am thinking how long before the whole of Facebook becomes confronted with this virus. I have a new computer and has already had over 900 viruses in a very short time, only for my computer to tell me the virus's are critical. Critical to say the least. Is there any wonder there is cyber bullying. Choosing not to fight fire with fire, I choose that my life will be allot calmer and more stable without the likes of facebook. While I have made some great acquaintances and good friends, basically there are always a few (or many) that spoil it for the rest of us. But do you know what, not everyone hates me, and the good friends that I give phone calls to that are not on facebook are the ones I turn to. Instead, I will pick myself off after a beating, think, Wow! What a lesson I have just learnt! Brush myself down and get on with the job. I am over my hissy fit, and welcome a new blessing of having to search for things in the media, fashion etc, without having it all put under my nose. Really, who can have 1000s of friends anyway????

Today, I think I will look like this, although not anywhere nearly as hot, but hey, she is still wearing a hat!

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