Monday, 16 January 2012

Fools Gold. Dying really brings things into perspective, it may be macabre, but true!

Fools Gold are the two words for you today.

Last night and yesterday I had been on the phone, texted, and emailed about racing fashion rubbish. I am sorry ladies and maybe gentlemen but this is meant to be about people having a good time. If it comes to people being nasty and playing nasty tricks, let them go. Don't you realise they are all trying to grab the golden nugget only to find out that someone may have spray painted a dog poop gold and everyone is just flustered trying to grab it that you forget what your aim was in the first place.
There is one thing for sure and that is we all want to do well, but we all have different objectives, mine is to be happy and be the best mother and wife I can be and then fulfil what I love doing. That is showcasing beautiful women and gentlemen dressed well.
Do you think Van Gogh was distressed about others copying his work or do you think that Black Caviar is wondering what food the horse next to her is eating. No, they have heart for what they want to do, that is paint and run.
The best thing I did for myself and my family is get away from a big city of where everybody is in each others pockets. I love living where I just wear daggy clothes, sports bras and spend my days occasionally on the computer, but teaching my children to swim and taking them to play and learn the arts. One day people you will have to face yourselves and see what you life is in the last moments. I have been there before and I will be there again, I am not scared and in fact I now embrace. I embrace every moment that I have in this life to be the best 'I' can be.
I don't want to sit there and think, if only I could have done what I wanted. The fact is I can. When I previously had sat in this position and pondered my last moments, I thought, I have so much to do and the world is so fabulous and big.
Live your life in a pom pom of your own happiness, do what makes you feel good. If it is destructive to others, you will eventually have to face yourself one day. Every person in Australia has the freedom of choice, choose to be a bigger better person and not have to be others instead be inspired and innovate your own charm.

Only you have the ability to change yourself, others will never change, but if you change your perspective you may have light shining on you in a different way.  

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