Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Keeping Up with the B*&%^$s, She said WHAT!!!!!!

Is Ignorance Bliss, or would you rather know what your (facebook)friends are saying about you behind your back???
This is a very interesting question and when you think about it yes, I love living in my own world, but if you could really see what is going on behind your back would you take a sneak peek just to know someone you are close to is plotting against you.
One of my dear friends never touches facebook which she thinks is the root of all evil, but the papers keep an eye on her and we all know what she is up to. Then I think this is a tool that can keep me updated with events happening around the world and then, how am I going to teach my children about this social media, or is it anti social media?
Recently I had to purchase a new computer because my old computer had been so hacked with extensive amounts of viruses. I was then lead to almost a hacker installation that gave me access into all of my friends accounts. This is really scary as if I can get into accounts what about others??? I do believe that Facebook is the biggest 'Big Brother' of all. Not only does it see what demographic we are are spending on what but they can see what we like and all social interactions of what we like and how we respond online to what.
Recently I have advised people not to 'share' things online as this Is one of the quickest ways to be hacked, as well as the overstocked i-pads. Having an occupation in IT currently means I am constantly coming across theses hackers.
To cut a really long boring story short about computers, I did access one of my so called friends accounts and read things that honestly made my hair stand on end. This person had totally infiltrated my life, knowing what I like, and watching me on side and then decided to infiltrate. Facebook can be stalkbook!
What was being said to my face, was all lies and manipulation to further her social status! It really did not worry me, as now I was able to copy and paste in many instances horrid conversations about me and others and take a really big step BACK!
What gets me is I have un friended, not all, but the really toxic amount of people without them having any clue that I know what is going on in their plotting mind. What is strange is they still come up and talk to me like they know me but really I know what they are saying behind my back.

This is just like the episode of Gilligan's Island where they ate the seeds that could read each others minds!

By the way, 'Big Brother' is always watching, and so is the rest of the world!

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