Friday, 6 January 2012

The Booby Prize!

I have definitely become part of the swing of things after living in a very small country town for 6 months. I am so much happier and more relaxed, but maybe a little too much so. When arriving on the Gold Coast, I am just wondering around and thinking, wow everyone is moving so fast. That used to me. I am enjoying being in my little bubble of everything just going on around me.
One thing that is definitely apparent to me is when I hit the Gold Coast, I am living in the land of the Bold and the Beautiful. Every one is so blonde, so brown and so YOUNG. When in the car with my driver I am directed to all the latest magazines on the Gold Coast showing all these beautiful images of what my desired look should be, gazing around a beach looking fabulous.
We all want to look fabulous but at the same time we all want to look individual or I do anyway, which prompts me to ask about the amount of cosmetic advice we are receiving and the advertising EVERYWHERE!
Is this town making unreasonable expectations of young girls going through adolescence??? My driver when I approached him on the thought of the amount of procedures here, he then told me a story that hit headlines here that, “One night club on the Gold Coast was promoting Botox, that one 'lucky???' winner could win a head full of Botox!”
I do not have any complaints with anyone who wants to better themselves or give the aging process a little halt, but the age of which young girls are hitting the night spots, they would probably be all under 30 if not 25. At these ages, there are no wrinkles and no need for cosmetic enhancement. As at this age you will realise when you are about to hit 40 that “God does you make up in your 20s”. I think this promotion has been stopped as I would hate my daughter to be 'unlucky' enough to win??? this prize.

I will make a not, I am not saying cosmetic procedures are good or bad, I think this is a very personal individual decision that should not be taken lightly. There should be some sort of screening process for cosmetic procedures before the client/patient(???) undergoes this treatment. I would suggest a psychologist to see if you possibly do have unrealistic expectations.

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