Saturday, 28 January 2012

Blowing Doors Wide Open, Fashionably Speaking!

I have posed a new question to people entering fashions on the field. We often hear of corruption and people within groups with knowing, but last year when I was a judge during Spring Racing Carnival I did have someone approaching me on Facebook (of which you will see that Racing Fashion Australia does not endorse) when they in fact knew I was a judge and asking me who the judges were when they had full knowledge of me being the judge. When answers were not given that were liked, I have now decided not to associate with these competitors as I have nothing to gain.
Recently you may have all read that my Facebook account had been hacked and I can read all sorts of emails and private messages that is not good and personally attacking. I have disabled facebook, but today I had revelations that maybe unfair advantages maybe taking place. This is why I love fashions on the field so much with MINK who run Myer. Everything is totally above board. I know allot of people on Fashions on the Field circuit and those who I judge with know I judge on who I believe has the best outfit on the day.
There has been something posted to my private email about a conversation between contestants, judges and compares. I am not saying anything is untoward, but so close to an event of fashions on the field, should there be conversations where people can talk in private on facebook the same way I was approached with sob stories and their deserving to win??? Does this take the edge off for other contestants???
I am no way insinuating anything has happened, but people must stay vigilant to the fact that this is a competition for all locals of racing to showcase. I honestly think that since I started Racing Fashion TV, some of the competitors may have the competition a little infiltrating of their life. It is only fashion of which we all love, not world peace.
Please feel free to email with your thoughts on this subject, please note that your words may be printed.
Please note, this does not happen when you win fashions on the field, nor when you win a sash showing animals!
Some such as ? & ? M&**^$@#^ may call me poison pen, but I think allot of people would rather know what is happening behind facebook doors.  You don't worry me!


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