Monday, 7 May 2012

The world in hold until further notice

The world is on hold until further notice. Hhmmmmm, have you noticed that “Your call is important to us, but we really can't be bothered with dealing with you now.”
That seems to be the attitude of everywhere you ring and dealing with services that are making billions per annum. ( ie banking corporate sector )
When I was a we lass, (ha ha, going way back) I remember the bank did not have security screens, everything was filled in by hand and the first computer I ever saw was in grade 5 wheeled into the room.
Leaving school, after working on a farm I was sent straight to secretarial school in Melbourne learning shorthand, typing (which as you can see I am most grateful for) and answering telephones along with other business skills. One of the first things I learnt is that the receptionist is most of the time the first point of call for a business and a computer can never replace a human. Oh, we had it so wrong in yesteryear.
Today, the world is on hold until you can be sorted into a section or work out your problem. If your problem cannot be worked out you are shunted from pillar to post until you are finally disconnected. With fury, you ring up and know not to take it out on the poor next individual, although is this a ploy or the 'Too hard box?'.
I just love when you finally have spoken after probably an average of ½ an hour is taken out of your life you are left with, “Is there anything else I can help you with today?”
By this time, you are over the tired comments, you just want to get off the phone and live your life.

Yes you can help me! Go back to the times where people actually served you in a store, where people were not reading from a script and genuinely cared about their business surviving. Now, people don't care and don't value their positions, they are too quick to pass the buck onto someone else and blame another.

When people have critisized me, I really don't mind. I always saw it as an opportunity to better myself, although many who are critisized today, take it as being a flaw in their personality. Toughen up and cop things on the chin, don't pass the problem onto another source. Accept your or my faults and rectify a problem.

Are you listening, oh sorry, your call is important to me, but no one cares!!!!

This is amazing, it looks like everyone of these receptionists have just stepped out of deportment school although up until the  early 90s, most courses were incorporated with grooming and deportment. 
Of course you are meant to smile and have perfect skin and come from the hairdresser each day.

Above are the receptionists we are dealing with.

Above, is the image that a receptionist or secretary is portrayed as.

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