Thursday, 24 May 2012

Racing Fashion, to the highest bidder!!!!

Love to Hate me or Hate to love me, the good old double edge sword.
Being a mother of 2 beautiful children and having an adoring husband, this honestly goes through my head allot. Why on earth do I do this????
And often I think, yes, why do I do it??
Because I am an independent voice that allows people to not be branded and feel like they have to wear what everyone else is wearing. Recently I have been asked to sell all of my Racing Fashion (Brand), I am to and fro.
If I sell this out, none of the people will be showcased and it will be a huge brand marketing and will be on commercial TV with celebrities talking about their branded clothing and only a few milliners. OR, I stay on, do my thing, keep it up with all the people who really just love millinery and dressing up. Racing Fashion TV talks to everyone! Not just celebrities in stylist clothes, but really why bother????
I really think it is what everyone is wanting to see???
If I sell, we all lose! All independent milliners, dressmakers and to me this is a little scary.
Anyway, as I say, I make no money, but I thank all my sponsors so much. All I ask for is loyalty and I am trying to say true to keep people being able to dress freely. I am trying to stay loyal, but really, I am fighting big companies with big $$$$$.
OH well, lets wait and see!

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