Friday, 18 May 2012

Keeping It REAL!

A good dose of reality is always a good bite on the bottom, pardon the pun, to remember the simple things in life are often the best. Today I was shooting for a dear friend Barbara from Barbarella and Swan in Port Douglas for Carnival. When I arrived I was welcomed with the Cancer Support Foundation raising much needed funds for the Marylyn Mayo Lodge.
Kaye Elliott, was giving a much moving speech and when the room filled with hundreds of people were asked “Have you been affected, or know anyone affected by cancer to remain seated and others stand.” Not a soul in the room rose to their feet. There was an eerie silence throughout the room, with tears falling from eyes.
As Far North Queensland has remote areas such as Port Douglas, Mossman, Daintree etc, this poses difficulties of patients having to drive to a hospital and after treatment turn around sometimes feeling very ill drive a horrible trip.
The Caner Council in Queensland in conjunction with Queensland government and Doctor John Mayo opened the Marylyn Mayo Lodge in September 2011 (In remembrance of Marylyn Mayo)
The loge Accomodates and supports individuals and carers undergoing cancer treatments in Cairns who live outside the 50 km range of their treating hospital.
There are NO MEANS TESTED, no cost to guest and fundraising events help run the lodge. The Marylyn Mayo Lodge is situated at 562 Mulgrave Road nest to 'Toyworld' in Cairns.

For more details about the Marylyn Mayo Lodge, please email or telephone (07) 4047 5652

Now it is our position to see how we can help.
When talking to Kaye, Kaye is passionate about a service within the Marylyn Mayo Lodge which has a 'Wig Lending Service', unfortunately when undergoing chemotherapy, you lose your hair and need to borrow a wig for some time.
Kaye is looking for Donations of wigs of good quality or for a group to get together to raise funds for patients suffering cancer to have this service available to them.

Where to find Wigs to Donate,
Lo-Price Cosmetics at Stockland Shopping Centre Earlville (07) 40546925
Hairport in Mareeba (07) 40921648
Funk Har at 4/3 Reservoir Road Cairns (07) 40322500

During this fantastic fund raising event there was also a parade with women all shapes and sizes, and ages parading in beautiful dresses from Barbarella and Swan. Again a sense of reality without the size 0 floating around with none of us having any hope of looking anywhere as good as the models wearing it. It was a morning tea about positive expectations on making a difference in the community and being able to wear the clothes and have expectations that you are going to look and feel fabulous.
Click Here to be directed to Barbarella and Swan.

Above Kaye Elliott from Marylyn Mayo Lodge, explaining the importance of the 'Wig Lending Service'

To Help in Far North Queensland to help this wonderful day, go to to host your own morning tea.

Loving to see all the real models, modelling REAL clothes! for REAL WOMEN!

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