Tuesday, 22 May 2012

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Did it not seem so much more simple without this Chaos. This is a double edge sword as I love my facebook friends and when I am no make up disgustingly dirty hair in my PJ's, I think, wow, I am definitely putting my best foot forward with the photos of myself I post. Ha ha, but don't we all.
Today I have been on the phone to my mentor in Melbourne for about 2 hours trying to put the madness of racing fashion, fashions on the field, and millinery fashion in all some sort of perspective. With Spring Carnival looming, I have been in panic mode with facebook lashings on what is what etc. There are way too many ego's involved.
Last year I had to slash many of my facebook friends as the industry went into a somewhat melt down. Instead of finding out truths of what people had said about me, I trusted a source that was not reliable. In this I had to un friend many people on others words, and there has been a rift in this fashionable community. Rather than learn the truth for myself, it just became too hard to try and sift, so I just distanced myself.
It is just now, I am learning from my mentor that the harsh words that had been said about me are more than likely untrue. This has astonished me and made me feel bad for the innocent parties that are not defining themselves with ego.
Basically this is me aplogising for allot of people I un friended on another persons advice.
I think allot of people think I make amazing amounts of money and have some sort of motive for why I love hats and Racing Fashion so much. It is not that complicated.
I just like wearing hats, and I go to the races with my husband. All ladies looked so fantastic in 'Fashions on the Field', I thought rather than competing it would be lovely to showcase everyone competing. There is not a huge formula for what I do, it is simple.
I don't make money, in any way shape or form besides a handful of sponsors on my site, and the TV show is just allot of fun to do. Why not??? It has great ratings!!!
Racing Fashion is not a competition it is heading to the track and looking and feeling fantastic, if you think I have any more motive than that, Good on you!!!
A big thank you to my mentor today, you are such a sound inspiring person that has no motive besides just wanting everyone to get along. If the world had more of this person in it, there would be no war! (In fashions on the field anyway)

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