Friday, 11 May 2012

It Is Stopping You From Being Happy


YES YOU, not money, not good, but you!

You can make the choice, it is a choice, live in misery or by happy.

A thought for the day!

Accomplishment is something that is sort after by your peers, and in the western world to somehow have that sense of achievement that you can validate your actions by. For me I look at my family and I know why some people choose not to be around me. I am sickeningly happy with two gorgeous children and a husband who I adore and live in totally paradise and want for nothing. I know it is sickening and I am the 2.3 children nuclear family that is just like the 'Brady Bunch'.
My Accomplishments have been tough in my career and even more difficult in my personal life. Having suffered chronic pain and going through treatment at age 33, I lived through a near death experience which has made me discover that I have no time to indulge in the past. Not even a minute to look back as my future and the happiness of my family depends only on the future of my actions and not my past.
After having my son and experiencing a horrible miscarriage, I worked on my inner being and went into solitude to find my voice of who I am and work through Post Natal Depression. A disorder which in this country is not widely spoken about nor does it have the correct education for people to know that this is the same as a car accident but you cannot see the damage. The damage is on the inner.
I am most proud of the awareness and confidence I have brought to individuals. On the track and off. I feel I have been making a difference.
I started my racing fashion blog 4 years ago and I have always documented and listed the changes and numbers on the course and what has been going on so far. Allot of people say it is nothing to do with me but they are personally responsible and laugh at me saying they don't want my opinion, (Fabulous), but it is amazing that every suggestion has been documented and suggestion has turned into action.
I am lucky enough that I am in a position that I am not working on a 9-5 basis although my children do keep my on my toes 24/7, although with the attention of has grown into an international phenomenon with over 30,000 hits a week during Spring Racing Carnival and an average of 12,000 hits per week all year around, I know not just me, but we are ALL making a difference.
There are many like minded people within this industry which branch not just into millinery and fashion, but into the media, and all aspects of daily living. Within the racing fashion industry, we are purchasing handbags, gloves, make up, hairdressers, dryers,hairspray, and the list goes on and on and on.
There is not end to what is being presented to me and how women are grateful that they are making a difference in their own lives. Fashions on the Field is not just for the young ladies, but it is for everyone with some of the most fashion savvy ladies now being in their 50s and 60s. Most of the judges are seeing through the media image of airbrushed perfection and seeing someone quite normal wearing incredibly beautiful couture. Ladies have been in touch feeling that since the site started and ladies the right side of 40 have been included, they feel there is hope that the fashion industry and clothing manufacturers see them as genuine consumers with a big hole in the market.
My plight within this industry has been short when you look at great fashion writers such as Jan Breen-Burns and Karen Webster, but we can all learn from each other. Rather than wanting to say it is me, it is me, we should all sit back and say look at what we are all achieving. This is remarkable that now, the stores and everyone is coming to see ladies on stage parading their attire.
This is not just about you or me, this is about a large group of people saying we embrace who we are with grace and dignity and be proud to be who we are on stage. Remember all those people that say when you sing, “don't give up your day job!”, Guess What??? It used to be my day job. When ever I hear anyone sing, if they are in tune or not, I want to hear them sing because it makes them feel good. Anyone who does not want to hear you sing like a bird is just plain old JEALOUS of your happiness.
My accomplishment is listening to all the birds sing, listening to my friends sing and watching people on stage love being who they are.  

You have a choice to love or to loathe, to loathe takes way to much energy and it is negative and nonconstructive.  If you choose happiness, who cares!  You won't care what others are doing!  
You will always be the winner!

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