Wednesday, 2 May 2012

My leg is like Alien, more bruising to come!

Just when you thought all the bruising was going, wait there is more!!!  People think this bite is the size of a tennis ball.  Well it is, the actual bite, but what you see is as big as a bowling ball!
After having an Ultrasound yesterday and more medical advice it looks like the bleeding is still forming a ball under the skin.  This is 48mm or approx 5cm round.
I was going to have a second surgery on it yesterday to drain more fluid, but the likely hood of an infection could lead to an abcess the size of a cricket ball leaving a hole in my leg the size of a cricket ball.
Currently I am talking to reconstructive surgeons in Melbourne to find out the best action plan as it seems to be a waiting game and not many surgeons are to near and dear to knowing about horse bites.  (you think mozzie bites hurt)
I will keep you posted on the sisterhood of the travelling pantless, and this would make for a wonderful comic where I suddenly morph into 1/2 woman, 1/2 Black Caviar, ha ha. 
Looking on the bright side, it I did not have on the correct riding attire, I would have been a week away from my children with an open flesh wound! 

To give you some idea of the size, I have sized the actual bite which is yet to bruise and is still collecting blood.  The circle that has been drawn on later, (like a cricket match) shows the size of a tennis/cricket ball.

Acual name for this is liquefied haematoma.

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