Thursday, 31 May 2012

Random Funny Story of the Day

One of the best pranks I ever played was over 10 years ago.
I always purchase pharmaceutical quality cosmetics which can only be purchased at cosmetic surgery places (otherwise known as the panel beater).
My ex and I were more mischief makers than anything else, but I was looking at the cabinet about to ask the attendant to open to purchase.

She was in the middle of a treatment so had to run off and left the desk unattended. 

An asian american lady walked in, (I know this sounds like a joke, but true)
My mate walked behind the desk looking through the appointments quite convincing like he worked there and said, “Yes madam, how can I help you?”
The lady started to rattle of about some clenser and toner,
He then turned to me behind the desk and said, “Anna, can you help this lady?”
I had to keep a straight face and it was hard, I said quite calmly like nothing was wrong, “NO, I don't work here.”
Before this lady could wonder what was going on, this man had vanished from behind the counter, walked out the front door and down the lift, (elevator for the American's)
I was in tears of laughing trying not to let this poor lady see.
Next the lady who works there walks to the front counter and say, “How may I help you?”

She replys, “The most bizarre thing has just happened!” I swear she did not know what was going on, she was looking all around a ceilings at walls like she was in a parallel universe or looking for a hidden camera. She continued to explain, “There was a man, He, he,he was here and then he was just gone!”

At this stage, I was almost crying in laughter and so was the assistant, this poor woman to this day will never know who that strange man or where that strange land was, but I tell you, he never returned!!!!

That is the whole point, it is not meant to make sense, that is why it is so ridiculously funny!

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