Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Sheep Marking

Another day in paradise and I see some ninnies on TV standing in body paint protesting about the marking of sheep.
Yes it looks horrible, yes there are people that eat meat, but if you are going to argue about humanity of sheep, "Get your facts straight!".
Have a clue that if we took away our wool and lamb industry, we would be looking at our country being in a worse state than it is.  I have come from generations on wool farmers in this country and I am sorry I am not a greenie.  Someone running around naked or topless saying save the sheep does not exactly do much for me, that is not to mention what I think of their intelligence.
Sheep marking is one of the most humane things we can do for a sheep.  Obviously, the people have no education on what it is all about.  Do you think that people do this to a sheep for the fun of it?  Do you think it is easy to round up sheep and get them onto the wheel to do this?  No, it is allot of time and necessary.
I am not going into the debate about live export etc, this is about marking.
Marking is done so sheep do not become 'Flyblown' when a sheep is flyblown, the most humane thing to do is to euthanize it immediately.   Once a sheep is flyblown there is no turning back.  Basically being flyblown is like being eaten alive by maggots from the inside out.  Terribly painful and a horrid way to die.  Marking sheep is a preventative way of making sure the sheep are kept well.  It is usually performed while they are being wormed and have identity tags on their ears.
Pink about 10 years ago had to make an apology to the sheep and wool industry, due to her lack of knowledge about this, she was given information by Peta (People for the ethical treatment of animals) and started to lobby against the wool industry and then was given the correct information.  Pink decided to stand united with the wool/sheep industry as she had not been given all the facts to make an informed decision.

If you want to run around naked or topless, I really don't think anyone cares, in face it would give us a good laugh, but please don't say your doing it for the sheep.  The only 'DAG' will be you!

Above is a fly blown sheep.

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