Friday, 18 May 2012

Jesinta Campbell, What is she really like????

I have met and interviewed Jesinta Campbell on a number of occasions and I cannot begin to tell you what a lovely down to earth smart girl she is.  Jesinta first made her mark in Australia when she came 1st runner up Miss Universe and Miss Australia, also not surprisingly Miss congeniality.  I usually see Jesinta at the races or high brow affairs, but this morning when my husband says, "That girl looks like a model".  I could not believe Jesinta was sitting a couple of tables away having breakfast.  Jesinta immediately came over to the table and introduced herself to the family and my daughter has found a new role model.  Thank goodness, it has been Paris Hooten up till now!  Thank you to Jesinta for being such a wonderful friendly girl that possesses the charm and manner that you wish your daughter to grow up and be like.
The second time I interviewed Jesinta and always a pleasure.

Jesinta and my daughter at breakfast.

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