Sunday, 2 December 2012

Whitehouse Caulfield Style Award 2012 on Thousand Guineas Day Trackside Luncheon

Racing Fashion, Achea-Mpong by Mutesi

Racing Fashion, Ange Lang

Racing Fashion, Anna Campbell

Racing Fashion, Black Rose

Racing Fashion, búl

Racing Fashion, Grime

Racing Fashion, Jack London

Racing Fashion, Jatine

Racing Fashion, Joe Black

Racing Fashion, KAHLO

Racing Fashion, Eduardo Xavier

Racing Fashion, Kayla Jasmine

Racing Fashion, Lane & Alley

Racing Fashion, Lisa Taranto

Racing Fashion, Liz Jordan

Racing Fashion, Nicholas

Racing Fashion, OHARA

Racing Fashion, Perri Cutten

Racing Fashion, s t e e l e

Racing Fashion, Suboo

Racing Fashion, Ted Baker

Racing Fashion, Unspoken

Racing Fashion, Vezzano Couture

Racing Fashion loves this Hat, Gorgeous. x

Racing Fashion Loves the Winner, Ted Baker and the Richard Nylon Headwear.

Racing Fashion adores Silvana Lovin, her last modelling gig before boarding a jet to LA.

Personally I found the 'Nicolas' black/blue print design hard to go by with Prabal from Singapore making such a hit with Duchess Katherine, but the Ted Baker femininity with Richard Nylon Headwear did stand out as the shining winner for the 'Whitehouse, Caulfield Designer Award 2012' Perri Cutten showed classic pant suit and strong clean lines with attention to fabric and elegance.
Racing Fashion is evolving into different areas and I feel with Caulfield keeping doors open for designers we can gauge a feeling of trends and liking for the season. My picks were with 'Nicolas', Perri Cutten and also Ted Baker. There were many interpretations of what people saw as 'Racing Style' but this is always an interpretation for what you wish. We don't all have to like the same thing, which again is what makes this such an intriguing and exciting part of fashion.   

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