Friday, 7 December 2012

La Dolce Vita! x

Sometimes looking at something beautiful can be just as sweet as tasting it.  Like a newborn baby, when you see baby clothes.  Cute curls in little girls hair, my boys big blue eyes with blonde locks.  MMMM all so sweet.
This is all eye candy to me, as I loathe the taste of sugar and sweet chocolate.  I will eat delectable edibles such as a very rich dark flour less chocolate cake with frozen zablionie. 

My home in Melbourne is filled with Romance and frou frou, so far from the Far Northern Queensland helms where a tea party sounds fabulous until you are struck with the heat and you would much rather spend you hours sipping daiquiris of the lychee and mango kind poolside.

For my baby shower, petite finger sandwiches, custom cup cakes and macaroons were my guests menu, with antique cups with matching saucers.
Just love these shots of sumptuous treats, eye candy as well at mouth watering. 

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