Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Big 40 for Racing Fashion.

Guest asleep at next table.

The Big 40
OK, When turning 40 most people have a huge party and that is what everyone was expecting.  Like my wedding when there were only about 30 guests invited, my 40th was the same and kept very low key.  My nature may be to be bigger, bolder and more flash and more outrageous than ever, but my closest know that is far from the truth and often my nearest and dearest are never seen.
This was the party that everyone was expecting an invite to as my husband was under strict instructions for no celebration, only a very intimate and dinner among those who were part of my wedding party.  I was very ill at the time and was staying low key was paramount.  
The shots are from 'Silks', my favorite Melbourne restaurant.

With everything in my life, I see as quality not quantity and I love my private life.
Great Champagne, Brilliant Wine, Fine Food and Great Company.

The highlight of my evening is seeing the gentleman at the next table fall asleep and having a good reason to giggle.  I don't expect others to like  my humour, but I thought it was hilarious.

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