Friday, 21 December 2012

Doomsday! Are we there yet?

With Yesterday looming Doomsday, 21.12.12, there were all sorts of predictions and prophecies of Meteors, Volcanic Eruption and even Zombies. You could even bet on it, well whoever did, did not win!!!

One of the biggest shifts in my being is having the ability to use paradigms and live after a near death experience. I am been petrified of things in my life and now simply I do not care about anything because I know about the place after life. We should never be scared of living.

Maybe the world has come to an end and we simply do not know it?? I know a hypothetical, but for there to be life there must also be death. This is as simple as beginning and end.

There are so many books of ways of living from Ekhart Tolle, The Power of Now, The Secret, Celestine Prophecy which is a novel it has brought allot of awareness away from strong religious views of scaring us into doing the correct thing where ancient Egyptians were petrified to leave there beloved Home for the fear of the God Ra. We are now looking into fulfillment on different levels. This cannot be found in material goods or number of friends we have or how many dollars. It is the feeling of how satisfied we are sitting or laying with ourselves within.

Can you lay or sit with nothing around you and leave your consciousness to stillness and be satisfied. My answer within myself is my own satisfaction, and we all find different levels of what satisfies us. I have basically been on POP detox since Spring Racing Carnival only posting what I have to when I have to. I have taken a big step back from Social Media and not daring pick up a magazine or watch pop culture. This detox has been amazing.

I have found that when I pop onto my facebook account I look at the images on my site and see that I am leading the life that looks like an 'OK' magazine or my own 'Who' weekly. There is no way my life is as interesting or intriguing as the pictures I lead you to believe. My greatest achievement today was to coax my 2 year old into eating some eggs for brekkie.

I look at social media such as Facebook and it is a handy tool for people to stay in touch and have a glimpse of what people are doing. I have come to the conclusion that everyone is way more fabulous, eating way better food, drinking the most amazing cocktails in the most fabulous cosmopolitan place ever. (Oh, and wearing fabulous clothes, why don't we see the PJ's?) We are all writing our own stories of what we want our lives to look like. We are building the house for people to see the shelter that we dwell in, although there are only very few that see behind the doors. These are rarely the facebook friends we meet at engagements to cheers and catch up with latest 'Facebook' news, these are the friends that know my life.
They know what my children look like, where I keep my hats and shoes. They know my star sign and the way I laugh when I cannot stop.

Sometimes the familiarity of Facebook takes over the identity of the individual. Unfortunately of late some very dear friends of mine have grown apart and I have been devastated.
I am transforming my life to detox pop culture all together in my life with a limit per day for posts on social media and what truly interests me. I am not going to listen to ridiculous garbage about what gossip comes up, if I like a dress or a hat, I will like it and simply not occupy my mind with it any further.
I do not need material possessions to make myself happy. Yes, when I go to the races, I will dress in my favourite clothes and wear make up and have my hair done, but this will not define me as a person, this is simply what I choose to wear.

Anna Mott, shooting for Racing Fashion by Monte Coles,

I am choosing to see yesterday as the end of the world, Yes! The end of a funny little fickle world to me! I am choosing my new world to give more to myself and more of myself to my family. I love writing, and that is it a love and an outlet.

I am not preaching to say this is what you should do. It is not!
Maybe you should look into your world and see what you are looking at.
Choose to look at what you want to see. The beauty is we are all individual, we don't have to like the same thing. I actually embrace when someone is really different to me, because they are not a carbon copy. Totally boring. I love to meet people from different backgrounds with different stories. There is no right way or wrong way, we don't all have to agree, we are allowed to have our own feelings and thoughts and not 'like' what everyone else is liking.

I laugh at how many people are totally adoring my 'cherry' bike right now. Seeing I am 40 married with a couple of children, people think it is bizarre for a mature woman to be using it as a form of transport. But everyone loves it and tells me. Now if I was 20, young and hot on the bike with every male thinking I was fabulous on the bike, the poor cherry bike would be hated.

Don't Hate the Bike! Look at why you would dislike the bike???

Anyway, a bit too much philosophy for the end of the world.

An old proverb my grandma used to say was,
“Believe nothing of what you hear, and half of what you see.”

I am just thinking where does that leave us with facebook?

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