Saturday, 1 December 2012

I am not trendy enought to wear fabulous clothes everyday for a blog, but I like pretty things.

Is it Blog or Blogue. x

My daughter always asks where colour comes from and asks how to mix colour.  I show her our back garden.  Nature has everything to provide us with knowledge.

I know my blog or blogue does not have me dressed in incredible outfits of me looking fabulous everyday, but hang on!  Oh yes, back to reality.  When living in the tropics if not every day.  I wear $15 shorts, $10 tops and thongs, flip flop or jandles how ever you want to say it.

Fashion is not just the clothes you wear on your back it is the way you see life.  I am blessed to see colour, I am blessed to see life and I am blessed to live around life, which is nature.

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